Motion Control and Motor Drives

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What modules are recommended for new development? (Everything online is "not recommended for new development")

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Hi Emboar,


Absolutely, that's the plan.  We're working out the logistics of having an English e-commerce website, so that customers worldwide can purchase from.  Estimated kick-off time would be Q3 2020, I'll keep everybody posted.    Meanwhile, if you have a particular feature in mind that you would like to know about, such as breakpoint, contouring, etc., let me know and I can follow up with you.  Having been LabVIEW developers and users of NI Motion ourselves, we based our WPC motion products to have at least the same functionality as NI's.  This was really to address the needs of our local Taiwan customers, since NI Motion went EOL ... please stay tuned.



WPC Systems

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