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What are the causes of Flexmotion Timeout Error

I have an application that has ben running for several years. I get from time to time a plauge of flexmotion timeout error. I am using a 3 axis system to apply an adhesive to our product. The motion consist of a blended move at a fairly high velocity 60mm/Sec. The points are reletively close together. < 30mm in total lenghth. Originally we had debugged some of the problem with Sundeep an Engineer from NI. He provided a firmware fix that resolved most of the issues. Can any one offer some advise to eliminate this problem I am using flexmotion 5.1.1 Let me know if any additional info would help...

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My recommendation is to update your system to NI-Motion 6.1. We had a lot of trouble with the version you are using and there was a whole bunch of bugfixes for 5.1.1.
Please follow this link to download NI-Motion 6.1:

I feel quite confident that your problems will be solved by the new version. Please let me know if you still run into the timeout issue after the update.


Jochen Klier
Applications Engineering Group Leader
National Instruments Germany GmbH
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