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Viso missing on UMI 7772



I intend to wire my UMI 7772 to supply power to the forward, reverse and home sensors. 


However, I have been measuring the voltage and there is nothing present.  Both green lights come on for Viso and V on the UMI.


I read the following discussion:


It says there is a fuse blown and it should be returned to NI.  This doesn't make any sense as I can control the Digital outputs on the Digital I/O Dsub, so surely it can't be a blown fuse or it wouldn't be possible to set these?


Does anyone know if there is a way to control the VIso output, either via s/w or and simple h/w fix?




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Hi SeanJ,


I've attached a trouble shooting Knowledge Base that you may find helpful. It will give you some steps that may help debug the system.


Unfortunately I cannot find a SW or HW fix for the issue as you suggested that there might be. Probably the best option is to open a service request by following the provided link below. Then you can contact your local NI branch for repair options and a detailed debug process can begin.

Richard S
Applications Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer
National Instruments UK&Ireland
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Hi ... did you get any resoultion to this issue - I am experiencing the same problem on my D-Sub.



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Hi abhalla_1, 


Have you followed the steps in "How Can I Test My UMI 7772/7774 for Damage?"


If so what was your outcome?



Kevin R
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK&Ireland
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We seem to be having the same problem with our UMI-7774.  When we followed the instructions from that article to test the Viso, none of the LEDs light up (inhibit all, fwd, home and rev).  Any ideas, other than sending it back to NI, that may provide a fix or work around? 


- Thanks 

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SeanJ Did you find a Solution for this issue.... what was it????



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Or anypne with the same issue??

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Hi checho,


It's been a while, I didn't have to return the UMI.  I think it was justy not isolated in the way I expected.


I'm afraid I'm working in a different company now and can't recall the full details.  


Good luck!

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Our issue ended up being the extra wires (that we didn't connect to anything) from the D-Subs were getting grounded out against the shield or each other - causing a short.



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