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UMI 7764 Motion Control with Yaskawa Servopack SGDF




I am trying to control a Yaskawa Servopack SGDF using Labview's Motion control. To do so, I am trying to use a UMI 7764 for my PXI-7350 card. Yaskawa does not provide any documentation regarding electrical wiring to the UMI controller and I was wondering if anyone else on this forum had any tips or had worked with Yaskawa Servopacks and Labview before?


So far, I am able to read the encoder values in Motion Assistant, but I cannot control the servo. It will spin at a slow speed with a high pitched hum no matter what I do. If I try to tune it with a step response, the servo will move sharply but then returns to it's slow and steady movement. Additionally, it keeps reading large following errors.


Any help is much appreciated.


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I haven't personally seen that particular servo driver, but the manual for the UMI 7764 has a lot of information on how wiring should be done.  It's strange that the default has you spinning slowly, that could possibly be a problem or misconfiguration with the Yasakawa device.  Is there no manual available for that device?  I wasn't able to find one on a preliminary search.


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Hi Kyle,


Thanks for the response. We have been studying the UMI 7764 manual, but it seems as though our problem may be setting the zero voltage offset. Any suggesstions? Yaskawa does not provide documentated support for the servopack sgdf and interfacing with LabView, though they do have support for some of their more recent AC servos.



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Hmm I'm looking into whether it's possible to do a change the zero voltage offset on that controller.  Perhaps you can try using the support for one of their more recent AC servos and see if it corrects the error you're seeing.

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