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Trying to blend straight-line moves with an ethernet connection and Softmotion Lite

Hello All,


As it says, I am trying to blend multiple straight-line moves together on Softmotion lite, I'm also very new to labview. I have tried using the ExpressVI for blended moves to no success, as I get the error code -70037 or irrelevant attribute error when I tried to modify it for an ethernet stepper. I tried making my own, which is attached (I apologize in advance for the clutter, I haven't taken the time yet to clean up the front panel). While I have no errors while it is running, my motors do not do anything, and when I stop the VI I get the error -77005. For this I have attached a screenshot.


I was hoping to know:

1) Is it possible to blend moves at all with softmotion lite / ethernet control?

2) Is my code correct at all?


If it helps, I am running LabVIEW 2016 with Softmotion 2016, and my stepper driver is a SMD-7614. My stepper motors are running an 8-wire series connection.


I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

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The differences between LabVIEW SoftMotion Module lite and the full version can be checked on the next link.


A notable difference is that you can't use coordinated motion, probably if you are trying to do several movements at the same time, could be the reason for your issue.





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Hello Andgoro11,


Thank you for your response! Actually, someone else looked at my program, and I made an error when calling the resource for the axis. After fixing that error, my code does work, albeit it is a little clunky. I think with some refined improvement, it will work just fine!


Thanks again though!

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I'm glad to hear that!


Best wishes on your project.



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