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Trigger camera acquisition with RTSI connection - sync issues

Hi all,


I am having sync issues with my code.  I wish to generate a certain number of samples - these correspond to raster scanning mirror positions.  However, I also have a optical switch (PCI-6731) and camera (PCIe-1427) in the code.  For each mirror position, I want to switch my optical switch and capture a camera frame.  Seems simple enough but in practice it's proving frustrating!! Smiley Frustrated


In an effort to sync everything, I outputted the CO.Pulse.Term to (1) RTSI0 channel (camera) and to (2) Ctr0Out which my switch is connected to.  I have used the IMAQ Generate to trigger the camera.  I know that my board does not have an RTSI frame trigger so in MAX, I have set Trigger Mode to 1 (Internal), Trigger Source to CC1, I have unticked the CC Lines source box and CC1 is set to External trigger 0.  I connected my two boards by an RTSI cable.  Is this correct???  Or do I have to do it in hardware and wire the DAQ output to my frame grabber's TTL trigger lines??


Originally, I was grabbing triggered images and putting them in a folder but they were completely out of sync with the switch and took a long time to capture.  I decided to grab the frames and save them to .avi instead and then split the frames afterwards.  But I am still having sync issues.  I tried to put in the IMAQ to configure the action to trigger each buffer but I kept getting timeout errors so I removed it.  The .avi capture is within a while loop, set to stop when is equal to the number of original samples (i.e. positions) I set. (Also when I run the code the buffer number that I output from IMAQ Grab in the while loop is greater than the number of samples used to control the loop??)


As I have a line-scan camera, I am setting the number of lines in each frame capture to be very much less than the switching time of the cameraI am also factoring in the switching time of the cameraI really don't know what to try next .. has anyone any ideas??  Please see the attached code.



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Hi Miika,


Please try to keep your post limited to one place. It looks like you have posted this same query in three places. It is also easier for the community to help you if each post represents one clear question.


What I have deduced from your query lead me directly to the following Tutorial which I believe covers most of your questions.


How to trigger each line on a line scan camera


Kind regards,

Daniel T
Account Manager
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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