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To customize ActiveX control for Thorlabs APT Brushless DC controller for XY axis scan


I am using ActiveX control in LabVIEW to operate Thorlabs Brushless BBD202 controller and MLS 203 stage to get X-Y scan profile. APT software of Thorlabs need to be installed to do this work.

I have written program to move the stage but each time jog button is required to press, I want to move the stage in raster scan (one motor along X and other along Y) like X stage will move 5 cm while Y waits then Y moves for 2 mm then the process repeats until a specified area (e.g 20cm^2) is covered.   


One program is available on the Thorlabs website but I am unable to operate with it as no control is given, file is attached. If you can expand this program and to show all control properly, it will be helpful.


Here is the link to get APT software from Thorlabs. Please select APT and bit according to system and Labview.


vi files containing APT programming will not work until APT is installed.


I have attached

(i) program by Thorlabs for 2D scan named TL Motor2DScan

(ii) A program done by myself but move occurs when Jog is pressed, I need automatic move over an area. named APT 2 

(iii) BBD202 controller manual

(iv) MLS203 stage manual

(v) Required type of Scan 2D_Raster_Drawing

(vi) Guide to APT and LabView



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