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Termination Resistor for NI CAN USB-8473s?

Termination Resistor for NI CAN USB-8473s?



I would like to configure a CAN network consisting of a NI-CAN USB-8473s and a motor controller. So my network consists of just one node which is the motor controller and this has to be connected via the NI CAN USB to the computer. I know I have to add a termination resistor on the motor controller side, since it is end of the line and reflection has to be prevented. However I am wondering if I need to put any external termination resistor on the NI-CAN USB-8473s as well?


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Re : Termination Resistor for NI CAN USB-8473s?

Yes, the bus should have a termination resistor on both ends. See chapter 4, Cable Termination of the NI-CAN Hardware and Software Manual for more details.

One solution is to use this cable with a built-in terminating resistor in one end.

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