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Stop motors (disable current) during DAQ - motor moves randomly




I need to stop the step motors current during DAQ, to eliminate noise in the data.

I have used "Stop motion" function and then "Start motion" to enable it again.

However, the motors "sometimes" (there is not a pattern) moves randomly. The problem is in the moment of "start" it again.

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening?


Thank you.

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Hello aasfarias,


I was doing a little research on your problem and found this white paper on Fundamentals of motion control which might be helpful. Also in the manual of the Start Motion and the Stop Motion there are explanations about the different types of start or stop motions that might be causing that  seemingly random movement of the step motors. 

These are just some general guidelines for motion control, however it might be helpful to get more specific details on your application to find an appropriate solution. Maybe a snip of the code could be of use and information on the step motors and drive you are using.


Hope this helps you out!

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