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Stepper motor based three axis Translation Mechanism


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Hello Everyone.

I am new to this forum & dont know how to start a discussion thread here. Anyways, this is not what I am looking for. Actually I am designing a stepper motor based three axis Translation Mechanism. I am using three NEMA-17 Bipolar, 4-lead stepper motors. I am looking for drive & control system so that motion along each axis may be controlled easily. My manager has asked me to use LabVIEW software for PC integration. My stepper mottor is rated at 2.5 amp current & a voltage input of 3.2 V. You may check it by googling [Wantai 42BTGHW811 stepper motor]. Can anyone please help me in this regard? I am left with very little time to accomplish it.
Many thanks for reading.



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Dear Gill,
Thanks for posting on the NI forums. Although, we could discuss the matter here, if you are up against tough deadlines, I would heartily recommend that you call your local National Instruments branch to discuss this matter further with a sales engineer. If you are UK bhased, the number is 01635 523545. National Instruments offers a huge range of solutions for motion control.

In the mean time, here are some useful links...


A fantastic white paper, which discusses hardware and software requirements...
What Is Motion Control?


Here is the product page for the NI Motion solutions
NI Motion Control

Thanks for your time,
Best wishes,

Rich Roberts
Senior Marketing Engineer, National Instruments
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