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Softmotion using Ethercat to Dual Axis AKD2G Kollmorgen Servo drive -possible?

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I need some setup information, to support my using National Instruments software, hardware and (hopefully) Kollmorgen AKD2G servo drives in a new industrial machine design.
The machine design I am working on will be using the new Kollmorgen AKD2G servo drives and be connected to an NI industrial controller (IC-3173) by Ethercat communication.
To save on cost I planned to use the dual axis version servo drive model, for controlling two servo motors with each AKD2G servo drive unit.
However, it has come to my attention that the NI Softmotion software might be limited to only single-axis servo drives when using Ethercat to communicate.
Can anyone kindly please confirm whether or not I can use the dual-axis Kollmorgen servo drive, communicating by Ethercat to the NI industrial controller and use Softmotion software?
Also, if I cannot use dual-axis, please kindly give an explanation, so as then I can effect a smarter and still simplest design change?
Thank you!
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Hello nifeng7,


Yes, the Kollmorgen AKD2G dual axis servo drive has passed EtherCAT conformance testing. Here is a link to servo drive firmware download which includes the ESI file, 




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Hello Tom,

Thank you for the fast response.

To confirm, the NI Labview Softmotion software does support the AKD2G dual-axis servo drive, when using EtherCAT, correct?


This is a NI Softmotion / Dual-Axis when using EtherCAT support question, as I do understand that Kollmorgen does a good job already for ensuring EtherCAT support is working for their products -however, will it work in NI Softmotion?

When referring to the NI Softmotion devices support webpage at NI website, they state that only single-axis drives are supported over EtherCAT, which possibly contradicts your answer unless your information is the most recent and correct for confirmed Softmotion working on this drive.


Hopefully you can kindly specifically confirm that NI Softmotion supports the Kollmorgen dual-axis over EtherCAT?

Thanks again!

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Accepted by topic author nifeng7

SoftMotion does not support dual axis EtherCAT servo drives. The native AKD support in SoftMotion supports the first generation AKD EtherCAT drives only.

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Thanks, that is good to know!

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