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SoftMotion Alternatives

Hi all,


I recently learned that SoftMotion was going EOL and will not be supported for new applications. I am wondering if there are any other APIs out there that would allow someone to control Motors from a cRIO.


What will you be using going forward?


Any help is appreciated!

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To add a bit more info. I recently wanted to control 4 axes from a cRIO. The axes would have been independent from each other, but I found the SoftMotion would solve two of my problems:

  • Communication to my specific drive
  • Motion Profiles

When I contacted NI about alternatives, it was suggested that I build my own API on top of EtherCAT to communicate with my drive and run my profiles. This would essentially mean that I am developing parts of SoftMotion, NI said they wouldn't be able to be much help with that and it would take a lot longer than just using the SoftMotion that already has these functions.


So the question is, what would be the go-to way in the future? Move towards a bus that is easier to get going? Good old analog Interface? Learn the ins and outs of EtherCAT and just implement the communication?


Also if I have a fundamental error in my thinking, let me know.

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I had the same expierience/problems regarding NI-Softmotion and now I have the same question what would be the go-to way in the future.

Do you found a solution or have some advices?

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Try if this is useful -


Soliton Technologies

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After delivering many motion systems using LabVIEW and understanding several years ago that NI was no longer going to support motion, I developed a motion control toolkit in coordination with Trio Motion Technology.  The Trio Motion Toolkit has been reviewed, certified and released by the NI Tools Network.  This toolkit allows LabVIEW users to develop multi-axis stepper and servo motion control applications using Trio motion controllers. For more information about this toolkit, please see

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