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Simple Position Capture with NI 7344 without RTSI




I am very new to LabView, so please forgive my ignorance.


I have some LabView software that control a single axis servo motor with the NI 7344 controller card.


I have wired in the Sync Input and Sync Output of my camera to the Breakpoint4 and Trigger4 connections on the NI7344 interface cable.


I have been trying to use the measurement and automation explorer to generate a breakpoint to test if my wiring is all OK but can find anywhere to specify which breakpoint I want signal. Likewise I have configured the camera to signal a trigger when it is exposing but also cant find where to test this.


I have been trying to use the 1D Interactive > Advanced panel to enable a modulo breakpoint every 100 counts and enable the trigger capture but this doesnt seem to be doing anything.


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.




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I have just found the "High Speed Capture (no RSTI).vi"


Probably a good place to start....


Also have to rewire onto the correct pins for the axis I want to capture I think. *embarrased*

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