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Servo Motor and NI Card




I'm pretty familiar with LabVIEW specially with the vision part of it, but I'm not familiar at all with servo motors.

Problem statement:

I'd like to make a VI that controls a servo motor that will rotate a screw every x amount of time (in both directions, obviously).


The screw turning should be a smooth as possible as it is a very delicate instrument and experiment. 


As stated above, I don't know the first thing about servo motors and NI cards, and I would like to get some advice from you. Where should I begin? What are your recommendations for NI cards/ Motors?

I don't think that the software aspect will be very challenging, it's just two nested loops-- the first is a while loop that controls the whole experiment time and the other controls the turning function.

Unless, I underestimate to complexity of setting up a servo motor VI.

I'd be happy to hear any thoughts/ideas you might have.


Thank you,



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Hey A,


I would start by checking this website.


I would recommend using a PCI card 7332, with UMI 7772, and AKD servo drive P00606. Then you can select the motor from here. Depending on the size of your application, choose a motor, and then make sure that the drive has enough current to power it. 



A. Zaatari

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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