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Selection of motor controller to use with Matlab



I am new to Labview and i am currently in the process of choosing a linear motor and a controller that i then plan on controlling using Labview.

The motor manufacturer (LinMot) is providing me with a  motion controller.


1) Anyone has experience using LinMot motion controller with Labview ?

2) Would the programming part be easier if i take a NI motion controller instead ?


Thank you,



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The title is : "Selection of motor controller to use with Labview" and not Matlab...

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After some quick research I can only suggest to reach out to LinMot support, they may have some experience with connecting their drivers to LabVIEW.


I found also that one:

Does LinMot have sample code for National Instruments LabView software?

Yes, we have code that is meant to help users of LinMot drives and LabView learn how to create LabVIEW code to control the LinMot linear motors. Pleas ask a LinMot Tech Support person.


Concliding all above, using native NI solution may be easier in this case.

Best Regards,
Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA)

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did you eventually opt with a Linmot Drive for your project? If so, how far did you get with interfacing it to LabView?

Am currently working on the project with similar hardware/software: Linmot linear motor + LinMot Talk + ....(LabView?)... )?



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I am also interested to hear if you managed to integrate the LinMot actuators into your LabVIEW project.





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