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Problems with kernel32.dll file when using DEVA card and Labview

I am trying to use a DEVA 004 PC card with Labview to control a motor using a PID controller (using PID toolkit on Labview). I can create the virtual controller (using simple PID example found on the NI website), however when i try to run a DEVA llb file, to create IO parameters etc. it uses the vimot32.dll file (supplied with DEVA card), and has to reference to the kernel32.dll file located in the Windows/system directory. However, there seems to be a fault with this file, as i continually get an error message. Any ideas as to what i'm supposed to do, cos I am not a computer whizz.


Paul Nicholson
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You need to contact the manufacturer of the card. kernel32.dll is a Windows dll and it works (atleast I have never been able to find a bug with it). It maybe that your driver is corrupted, uses protected memory, or not intended for your version of Windows. The manufacturer should be able to verify the proper use of the driver.
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Thanks Jeremy,

I've contacted DEVA, and they too have said that it is a problem with
Windows system. I have had to clean the hard disk and start again. A
very frustrating solution, as i have spent an entire week tryin to
install the correct software on the computer!! Hopefully, a clean
slate and a fresh OS will be able to cope with the programs, and i'll
be able to make some more progress.

Thanks again

Paul Nicholson
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