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Powering cRIO using ni951x to AKD drive cable


 I am new to Labview, so please bear with me. I am using a cRIO 9063 with 9514 c module to control akd servo drive. I am using ni 951x to akd drive cable for connection and I got the basics from reading getting started guides. However, I did not quite get one part, powering cRIO, 9514 module and akd drive logic. According to getting started guide, ps 15 supply can be used to power both the akd drive logic and c module by connect it to Vsup port on the 20 pin screw terminal of ni 951x to akd drive cable . However, it doesn't specify whether the cRIO will also get the power from the cable or I have to supply power separately to the power connector on cRIO. According to cRIO manual, supplying power through cRIO power connector will also power the c module. So my question is,  do I need to power cRIO separately if I supply power to the Vsup port of ni 951x to akd drive cable?

I would highly appreciate if someone could help me to clear my doubt. Thank you.

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Dear basit95,


Thanks for using the forum! You will need to provide separate power for your cRIO, preferably using the cable that came with it. Most modules are powered on the backplane by the cRIO, however, some modules still require external power. If your module does require power besides what the cRIO provides, then that will be specified by that particular module's Getting Started Guide, Manual, or Specifications sheet.



Alyssa H.

National Instruments

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Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for replying. I checked NI 9514 manual and it does require external power supply. So, I have to supply power to both cRIO and module.

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