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Position and velocity stuck at zero


I have been using a PCI-7344 (driven by NI Motion 5.1) connected to a MID-7604 drive to control three IDC P21T stepper motors. I recently upgraded to MAX version 2.2. After this software upgrade, several things changed.

  -While controlling the motors in the "Interactive control" tab, the position and velocity under "Current Trajectory Data" are both stuck at zero, even while the motor is in motion
  -The "Calibration" tab is entirely missing from the PCI-7344 tab
  -Axis 1 does not show up on the "Axis Settings" menu


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi ace_snoopy,


How'd you come by the MAX version upgrade? Did you install a new piece of NI software or a new driver?  One thing that can happen is if you upgrade LabVIEW, for example, on top of existing drivers, then sometimes you'll actually need to re-install or repair those existing drivers.  Thus, repairing your Motion driver might fix any corrupt or missing files that could be causing you the problem. 


Also, which version of LabVIEW were you using? You may want to double-check your version with the version of Motion you're using on the following page:

Upgrading the Motion driver to the most up to date version possible could also help solve the problem.

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Hi Rory,


The new version of MAX was installed when I installed a slightly newer version of NI 488.2 while trying to resolve an entirely unrelated problem. I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the motion driver. Some things were fixed (the callibration tab is back, along with Axis 1's axis settings), however, the position and velocity in the "Interactive" tab are still stuck at zero.


I'm using Labview 5.1 with NI Motion 5.2, which (ancient as they may be) ought to be compatible with each other. As to your suggestion that I upgrade to a newer version of the motion driver (and consequently to a newer version of labview), are NI Motion virtual instruments compatible with all versions of NI Motion? In other words, if I upgrade to the latest version of NI motion, am I going to have to go in to the program and replace all my NI Motion 5.2 virtual instruments with virtual instruments from the latest version of NI Motion?

Thanks for the help!

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Concerning the upgrade, those virtual devices you created should stay in MAX after the upgrade.  However, if it's something you're concerned about, you could always export the MAX configuration (Open MAX » File » Export...) so it would be saved, then import it again after the upgrade.


As far as the position and velocity being stuck at zero, that's quite bizarre behavior. I honestly do not know off the top of my head. Perhaps you post a screen shot of this behavior just so I have a clear picture of what's going on?

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