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PXI-7350 Controller and MID-7604 Power Drive



I have some PXI-7350 Controllers and a MID-7604 Power Drive. I hope that someone could give me some advices. 


I'm trying to control 3 stepper motors (5-phase, not encoder or feed back). The user manual said that the NI PXI-7350 controller can control up to eight axes of motion with the two 68-pin motion I/O connectors. However, I just see 2 axes on MAX. Could I control 3 motors using this controller? And can the MID-7604 control 5-phase stepper motor? 


Please see the attached picture and let me know whether I connect wrong.


I'm trying to build a LabVIEW program for linear motion control using these devices. If you already have the program, please kindly give me a reference. 


Thank and have a good day!





PXI Chasis.jpg


MID 7604.jpg



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The PXI-7350 has four different versions: 2 axis, 4 axis, 6 axis, 8 axis. You have the 2 axis version, so you will only be able to control 2 stepper axes. 


The MID can only be used with 2 phase steppers. My recommendation for 5 phase steppers is to use the drive that the manufacturer recommends. You should be able to use the PXI-7350 to interface to any stepper motor drive, even if it is a 5 phase drive.


If all you want to do is control 3 stepper axes, you might just look at using a PXI-7334 since it is much cheaper. The PXI-7350 has a lot of functionality that you don't need.

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Thank you for your advices.


I already have the 5-phase stepper drives, a UMI-Flex6 and a UMI-7774. So I will order a PXI-7354.


Firstly, I will try to use the PXI-7352 and UMI-7774 to control just one motor. Could you please give me some instructions to configure the PXI-7350 to control a 5-phase stepper motor?


Thanks again!

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I just received a PXI-7334 this morning. After installing and configuring the 7334 like the 7352 with the Automation Explorer, I tried to start a relative motion on the stepper using Interactive Function. There is no errors but no current on the stepper.


Could you please tell me what is different between the PXI-733x and PXI-735x? And how can I solve this problem?


Thank you.

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I have a mistake. The new PXI is 7344. However, I cannot control the stepper motor using the PXI-7344 and UMI-7774. My system still works well with the PXI-7352.


Can someone please explain why there is no current on the stepper? And how can I solve the problem? Or may I give it back to the manufacturer to repair?

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