Motion Control and Motor Drives

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PXI 7332, UMI 7772, P70530 Drive LabView example


I am using the following equipment in a single axis motion control setup.


PXI 7332, UMI 7772, P70530 Drive, NEMA 34 stepper motor, wiithout an endcoder.


I am able to operate the motor sucessfully using the Motion Assistant. I have used the generate code option but having trouble turing that into a simple VI.


Essentially I would like to create a simple VI to control the motor, and send it number of steps and direction information,


Any suggestions for a sample VI that is out there?








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Hi Kevin,


You might try taking a look at some of the example vi's from LabVIEW's Example Finder.  Go to Help » Find Examples... When that window pops ups, double-click Toolkits & Modules in the folder list, then double-click NI Motion Assistant.  I'm guessing the "Straight Line" or "Blended" would be most helpful to you, but you could read the descriptions of each example listed for a little bit more information about what the examples are doing.

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