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PCI-7350 replacement


I currently have a suspect PCI-7350 8-axis (part number 190975B-08) which is now obsolete I believe. I have two cards in one PC. Is a direct replacement available anywhere in the world or can I replace it with the PCI-7358 and simply use a new set of drivers which will deal with both cards, 7350 and 7358?

Thanks in advance


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Hi rdl001,


Thank you for posting on the National Instruments forum.


The PCI-7358 is the replacement for the old 8-axis PCI-7350. I am afraid that you might not be able to get a replacement for the 7350 8-axis since it is now obsolete. So the best option would be to go with the latest one that is the 7358.


Hope this helps.

Shalini B
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Can i update the drivers, to use both types of cards in the same pc?

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