Motion Control and Motor Drives

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PCI-7342 Motion control for Pressure and data fast data acquisition

I am using PCI-7342 to control the servo valve in the pressure cycle control. The pressure is cycled with he trapezoid wave which switch from low pressure to high pressue in 0.4ms, and it requires to sample around 10 reading during the rising, means one sample each 0.04ms. Is it possible in the windows OS? I see there are write buffer and read buffer functions but not fully understand how to use them. This is the first time I touch the motion control and where I can find a good example how to use it??

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The device has Real-Time OS so, you can implement your application into the OS.

I cannot definitely tell you "Yes, you can!!", but I recommend you to try onboard programming.

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Is possible to write the DAQ code inside the onboard programing? 

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