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PCI 7334 initialisation failed


I have a problem that the initialisation of the PCI 7334 card fails. It worked before without any problems and now it happens that i have to restart the pc more and more often until the card is detected in the Meassurement & Automation Explorer. Sometimes I have to restart about 4 times in the morning until it works.
OS: Win2000
NI Motion 6.1
Can anyone tell me why this problem appears.


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Did you test the device in another PCI slot ?

Is it possible to test an actual NI-Motion driver ?


Please be carefull with the installtion, first installing the driver and after that insert the device in the PCI slot.


Are you using the Motion Assistant ?


Then installing the NI-Motion 6.1.5 should solve this issue.


Kind regards


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Hello Pixar,

thank you for your answer. I didn't test the cards in any other slot since these are also in use. I can't tell you why it is not possible to use an actual NI-Motion. The guy who was responsible for that only said that there had been a lot of troubles. And how I said that the NI-Motion 6.1 is installed is wrong. It is already updated to 6.1.5. The motion assistant wasn't used. Can you tell me why this would be relevant? The main thing I don't understand is that it worked for several weeks and then it started to become worse and fails more and more often to detect the cards.

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There were some problems using the Mostion Assistant with the NI-Motion 6.1, this should be fixed in 6.1.5


So try to repair the driver installation in the windows system under Software -> NI software -> NI- Motion -> repair.


Is the device recognized correct in the Windows device manager ?




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I will try that with the repair function and hope that this will solve my problem. In the device manager is everything fine.



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today it didn't even help to restart the PC several times. I also tried the repair function and installed Motion 6.1 and then updated it to 6.1.5 but it didn't change anything.



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Did you remove the PCI device before reinstalling the driver ?


Please always first install the driver and then insert the device in the slot.

Now you can test the device in another PCI slot and in another computer if possible.


Can you choose the NI driver for the device in the Windows device manager ?


Perhaps it would be helpfull to do a clean reinstall of the driver (see attached file for that).



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