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PCI 7334 & UMI 7764

I'm currently using PCI 7334 card and UMI 7764 motion controller. May I know how to start to write the program? I tried to go thro the examples under Help->Find examples but I couldn't able to understand much since I am a beginner in labview and only used DAQ before.


I just need to know how to give input to step, dir and inhibit output to make my stepper motor run. Can anyone plz advice me on how to start? or give me a sample example to control my step, dir and inhibit output of UMI 7764?


Your help will be really appreciated. Thanks


Best Regards,


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check out the standard examples on stepper control provided in labview, which must have come along with your motion card in a CD and also check this
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Thanks alot for your reply. I tried to open standard examples in the CD, but i couldn't able to open it. The sub-vi's are missing. Attached is the one of the error msg that i got when i tried to open the examples.


Please advice me on how to get rid of this error.





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Nop. I don't have that. I got only NI-Motion 7.6. Do we need to buy the flex motion software? or will it come with the NI-Motion CD?

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Examples in example finder should be sufficient enough.

If you don't understand how each vi works, press ctrl+H to open context help, and point to each vi to show how it works.

Also study NI-Motion manual,, to understand NI-Motion programming steps.

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Which version of LabVIEW are you using?  If you are using 8.6 or 2009, you need a newer version of the NI-Motion driver.  In general, you should use the latest version available which is currently NI-Motion 8.1.
Alex Person
NI-RIO Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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