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PCI-7334 Not working As Expected


PCI-7334 Not working As Expected


I'm using a PCI-7334 with the NI-Motion 17.0.  The 7334 controller is new, right out of the box (although it has been sitting in the box in my office for several months). My goal is to use the controller to drive  3rd party stepper drives in a cartesian robot, which is built except for the control.  The problem is that the controller doesn't seem to be working.  I connected to one of the drives and set up step and direction in MAX.  The drive had no response no matter what step rate I sent (the step rate shown in Max was not exactly the same as what was sent, but close).  Because there was no response, I connected an oscilloscope across the step and ground from the controller-no steps were observed.  I replaced the scope with a voltmeter- the step pin had a constant 5 volt no matter if it was on, halted or killed.  I also toggled the DIO pins in MAX, but there was no change- all the port 1 pins read 0 volts in all the possible settings sent from MAX.

To rule out the problem being caused by the PCI port, I downloaded and installed Labview and all the other relevant code in a second PC and repeated all the testing described above with the same results.

Finally, when I removed the board from the first PC, I went over the board carefully and tested all the fuses-none were blown.

I'm posting this hoping that someone can suggest something that I could have missed or done wrong before I call NI and ask for a RMA number to send the board back.

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Re: PCI-7334 Not working As Expected



Before going any further, did you follow all the instructions described in chapter 2 of this document?

Motion Control NI-7334


Besides this, I think that you have done almost all the recommended to determine whether or not a device is damaged. I would recommend contacting NI tech support. 



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