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NIMCInit.dll NI-PAL Service Manager Error

Hello all,
I'm getting the attached NI-PAL Service Manager error every time I start my computer.  I've tried solution given in this post: thread with no luck.
If I uninstall the NI-Motion drivers, or remove my PXI-7350 from the PXI chassis, the error goes away.  After I re-install the NI-Motion drivers and re-start the computer, the problem occurs as soon as the "Found New Hardware" wizard completes, and on every boot thereafter.
Any pointers to what I should try next would be helpful.
OS & Driver Versions:
Windows XP SP2 Version 2002
NI Measurement & Automation Explorer 4.4
NI Motion Assistant 2.2
NI-488.2 2.5
NI-CAN 2.5.2
NI-DAQmx 8.7
NI-FGEN 2.5.1
NI-Motion 7.6
PXI-1042 Chassis
PXI-8187 Controller
PXI-7350 (Slot 2)
PXI-2566 (Slot 3)
PXI-8464 (Slot 4)
PXI-6254 (Slot 5)
PXI-6602 (Slot 7)
PXI-5402 (Slot 😎
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Hi Mark,

Can you check in the Windows\system32 folder for the NIMCInit.dll?  It is possible to see one of these errors if the DLL doesn't exist on the computer.

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Since my original post, I've tried removed almost all NI software (I had to leave LabVIEW 7.1 installed because I didn't have a CD handy.) and reinstalled everything.  Now I get a similar error when starting NI-MAX (ModName: mxmax.dll).
I should be able to get a LabView 7.1 CD later this week from one of our other offices.  Once I do, I think the next step is going to be to remove _everything_, delete the C:\Program File\National Instruments\ folder, delete all of the Software\National Instruments registry keys, and try a clean install.
Any other tips would be appreciated.
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Hi Mark, 

Make sure that when you uninstall everything you also

1.  Uninstall MAX

2.  Delete the MAX data folder (this doesn't uninstall when you uninstall).
     On Windows XP and Windows 2000:
  1. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\National Instruments\MAX\Data\
  2. The folder named Application Data is a hidden folder.  You can view hidden folders by selecing Tools » Folder Options..., click the View tab, and selecting Show hidden files and folders.
Note: Remember that deleting the Data folder in its entirety will remove all configuration settings.  The next time MAX is launched, you will have to configure all of your hardware again.

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Everything is working for me now.  Here are the steps I had to follow:

  1. Remove all NI software.
  2. Delete the c:\Program Files\National Instruments\ folder.
  3. Delete all Software\National Instruments keys from the registry.
  4. Reinstall all of the NI software and drivers.
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