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NI Motion Pack Controller, Error message: Configure Buffer -70137




I am trying to operate a motion platform with an already supplied LabView software.

Unfortunately this software is not working properly and I get an error message. I also do not seem to be able to move the motors (I donot know if this is due to the error, or if this is another issue).

I modified the LabView code to output the error directly at the start (ErrorMonitor), and it gives me these Error messages:



What are these mentioned objects?


How can I proceed? What is the best way to troubleshoot? Is this a LabView problem or a problem with NI Motion/motors/cards/....?


(We use an NI Motion PCI-7340, everything was configured before I started to have a look at it).



I am new to this topic, and I will gladly add more information if you need anything else.


Thank you very much!! 🙂

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