Motion Control and Motor Drives

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Motor occasionally runs away when it is supposed to be stopped.

Using a PCI-7344 motion card, I send a Stop-Halt command to my drive so the motor will hold position. This works for a certain amount of time (variable - usually a few hours) and then the motor suddenly starts spinning at high velocity and I get this error message: "Error -70005 occurred at Stop Motion (8 axes).flx." The way the code is written, the stop command is sent every 100ms or so while it is stopped. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks for your help.
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This error appears to indicate an internal hardware failure in your controller. This means that the controller could be damaged. Can you describe the layout of your system as well as the enviroment you are using it in? I would recommend sending an email to one of our applications engineers as more extended troubleshooting might be needed.
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I am using a computer with Windows XP with PCI-7344 and PCI-6036E boards and SCB-68 and UMI-7764 breakout boards. Used right now on a desk in a lab - fairly clean environment. Thanks.
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