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Motor drive, easy set up on LabView

Hello everyone,


I begginner in Labview, I know the bases and some Labview modul like NI-Visa communication.


I try to find motor drive which have an easy communication interface. That means with Labview driver or NI-Visa communication but I don't find suppliers which have motor drive available directly on LabView. So if you know supplier, manufacturer where I can find an easy motor drive communication with Labview please let me know.


Moreover, I did a lot of researchs with some manufacturers like Scheinder Electric and their motors drive have these following interfaces communication (I add some pictures to illustrate the language for the interfacecommunication, coming from the Schneider User Guide).



  • CANopen DS301
  • RS 485    (RS 485 is equivalent to RS 232, so can we communicate with NI-VISA by a simple char ?)

Communication exemple, refer to 1 :


  • Default parameter values.PNG







  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCAT
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Ethernet POWERLINK
  • Modbus TC



Communication exemple, refer to 2 :










  • Integrated I/O for motion sequence
  • Integrated pulse/direction 5 V
  • Integrated pulse/direction 24 V
  • Integrated pulse/direction 5 V RS422         (RS422 is like RS232 ?, Can I communicate with NI-Visa ??)

Communication exemple, refer to 3 :







I don't understand their communications and their User Gudie, I don't know how can I translate that in LabView.


So if you have some recommendations or advices, I'm here to heard you, thank you.




Aurélien Nicol

(I'm french, if you want to talk in french 😃




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Hey Aurelien,


Do you know NI SoftMotion? I think you can use NI SoftMotion to implement your application.

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NI SoftMotion is not done only for NI servo motors ?

Because I saw the NI motors and they are not adapted for my devlopment (not enough accurate)

(But I will check that, if NI SoftMotion is usefull for other motor)

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NI SoftMotion supports SoftMotion Drive Interface (SDI). You can use an NI Real-Time controller and third-party EtherCAT motor drives using NI SoftMotion Drive Interface (SDI). 

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Ok, I will look your advice.


Thank you, I will come back if I have further questions.

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Hi, I would like to ask you if it was possible to use SoftMotion Drive Interface (SDI) with the stepper from Schneider. I would like to control a motor MDRIVE23 using LabView and I am looking for additional information.


Thank you for your comments.

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