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Max 5.0 & PCI 7340 empty settings pages

Max 5.0 & PCI 7340 empty settings pages

I am using MAX 5.0 with a PCI 7342. I need to change some settings for each of the axis controlled by the motion control board, but when I open MAX I see empty settings pages as shown below:




I have tried to reinstall the MAX software; and reinstalling the PCI 7342 device, without any result. I also tried changing to default settings which also does not work. Has anyone seen this before? What do I need to do to get the MAX software to properly recognize the PCI card's settings pages?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Max 5.0 & PCI 7340 empty settings pages

Hi Sacha,


Have you tried Resetting your MAX configuration data?  To do this in MAX go to Tools>>Reset Configuration Data. 

Are you able to change any of the settings with these motors such as the Trajectory Settings?



Kira T

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Re: Max 5.0 & PCI 7340 empty settings pages

Hi Kira,


That solved our problem, thanks. I was not aware of the option to reset the configuration data- I tried to load the default configuration but that did not work.


Thanks again for your help!




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