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MAX never shows 'Axis is currently moving'

I've been configuring a PCI-7344 flexmotion card using MAX and trying to understand 'Axis settings' affect the 'Trajectory Settings'.

Currently, I have the velocity filter settings at:
Velocity Filter Time (mS) = 50
Velocity Filter Distance = 0
Run/Stop Threshold = 100

Within the 'Trajectory Settings' I have only the 'Run/Stop' checkbox and 'Delay = 5' checkbox checked. 'Motor Off' and 'Deadband' are not checked.

When I the 1-D interactive and do a move on an axis, the 'Axis is Currently Moving' "LED" never illuminates (turns green). I tried every conceivable combination of velocity filters and move complete criteria, but I have never seen the 'Axis is Currently Moving' "LED" illuminate. What the heck is going on here
? Shouldn't it illuminate when an axis is moving (i.e. the move is NOT complete)? Any thoughts????

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Try using the Velocity Threshold instead. You can set a Velocity Threshold in MAX on the Trajectory Settings tab and monitor that threshold in the Advanced tab of 1-D Interactive in MAX.

Please let me know if this does not work for your application.

Best regards,
Dawna P.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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