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Labview code for New focus 8732

Labview code for New focus 8732



Anyone willing to share the labview code for New Focus 8732?  I contacted the company, they discontiued the product and the codes are no longer available now.  thanks.

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Re: Labview code for New focus 8732

Hi mao1,


Unfortunately we do not have any drivers for the New Focus 8732. This forum talks about the same issue, it may help you get started.


How to use labview to drive a New Focus Picomotor sinusoidally


Tim O

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Re: Labview code for New focus 8732

Dear mao1 and Tim O,

maybe it is not longer of interest, because just one year ago, but I found a solution:

On the newport download page Focus/Motorized Components/Intelligent PicoMotor/

you can find the Labview codes to address the device.

It's the ', but you can also try the other files.

There's also a terminal emulation program, which (in my case) is communicating directly with the device and quite helpful to check the communication.


Remember to initiate the device withe the com settings properly before you perform.


A complete listing of the commands can be found in the manual and if you do not have it, it can be downloaded here:


Hope that works for you, too.


Actually I'm interesting to integrate the device also in MicroManager, a program controlling diverse microscope attachements


They claim, that using a certain device could be easy to make any stage working in that program. e.g.


(This is not an affront towards NI!!!!)


Best regards (and please tell me about the results)


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