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Labview Arduino Example not working.

I am trying to use the LabVIEW/Arduino example to control a stepper motor but am having no luck. The first thing I was wondering if anyone has gotten this code to work and if so what sketch did you upload to the Arduino? I attached the example Vi so you can see what it is doing.

I get a communication error about 5 seconds after the program starts.



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You might want to post this in the Labview LINX forum to get more notices and more help.  What software and add on are you using?  I assume some sort of Labview (base or otherwise?) plus an add on like LINX or otherwise?


Assuming you want to achieve the arduino motor example.  Do you have a link or a way to describe this example?  Is it meant for a stepper motor?  What do you currently have wired up?  Do you have a motor board and a stepper motor and power supply I assume with your arduino?


EDIT:  I am apparently missing some addons to view your VI program.  Could you point me into how to make my labview software match yours so I can help you troubleshoot?


Also does your wire diagram/schematic match this image?




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If you go to examples in LabVIEW and type stepper this is the example that comes up. I am running LabVIEW 2016. You have to add the serial stuff to the first init block but other than that its straight out of the LabVIEW examples. My question is what code do you have to load on the Arduino itself for this LabVIEW example to work? Try searching for the stepper example and see what you find. Is it the same example I am seeing? 






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The schematic for the Arduino and the Easydriver board match what is shown.

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