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LabVIEW Robotics Module Version 2012 Hardware setup error

Hi, I came into the problem of unable to configure my robotics module when using the Hardware setup software, the error code is -2147220308. And there is a call chain :

Install all available


It should correspond to the error of   

Could not contact remote target. Ensure that the system is online

Don't know what that stand for, help.

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Thanks for the advice, I solved the problem, it turns out a router will do the job just fine. By connecting my computer and the car to a router(doesn't matter if it's wireless, any router with a DHCP will do), and then reset the ip address of the car, which I set when I didn't get that router. After these, the car is finally recognizable to my computer.

谢谢你的建议,我已经解决了这个问题,原来直接把小车连在电脑上还是不行的,需要一个具有DHCP功能的设备(一般的有线或无线路由器就行),通过把两个设备都连在路由器的LAN端口上,就可以让电脑识别小车了。当然,我还走了一些弯路,因为之前把小车直接连接到电脑上运行Hardware Configuration的时候,虽然一开始能够识别,我还能用电脑给它一个ip地址,但后来的步骤里就会出问题。如果一开始就用电脑给了小车一个ip地址,在换到正确的,使用路由器的方法之前,要先重置小车的ip地址。

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