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Issues decelerating to 0 at the correct rate in SoftMotion


Hi all,


I am having some trouble decelerating at the correct rate of deceleration in SoftMotion. I am working in velocity mode and want to slow down the motor to 0 at a given rate, e.g. The motor is turning at 5 and I want it to decelerate 1/s over a period of 5 seconds to 0. When I send these numbers to the motor, it seems to decelerate with the rate from the previous operation.


All of this shows up with simulated axes and the workaround seems to be to not set the speed to 0 but to 0.0001. In this case the deceleration is correct. Here's a graph that shows that.


First rise and fall is accel. 10, vel. 10, decel .5, vel. 0 --> the decel setting is ignored.

Second rise a

nd fall is accel. 10, vel. 10, decel .5, vel. 0.0001 --> the deceleration is correct.


Why is this happening?


I have attached a simple example program to reproduce.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Remember Cunningham's Law
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Here the project is downconverted to 2016.

Remember Cunningham's Law
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