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Inhibit\Enable output not responding in PCI7342 motion controller and UMI7772

I need to use inhibit output as a enable signal for a third party
servo drive unit. I have configured it as active high and enabled it.
But inhibit output is not changing its state irrespective of it is
being enabled or disabled? I tried changing the polarity in MAX,but
still no change in the state.
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Do you know if the enable input on your drive takes a TTL signal? Do
you know if it is optically isolated? These two factors wil affect how
you should configure and connect your inhibit lines. Please refer to
the following tutorial for more information:
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as of now i am testing the output of the inhibit using multimeter
before connecting to drive,the signal is always high irrespective of
what i change.
Your advice will be helpful to me
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