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How to use LabVIEW to move two Physik Instrumente (PI) linear translation stages controlled by C-863 DC controllers (via USB) to perform a pattern



I have two Physik Instrumente (PI) linear translation stages (please see picture1 attached) L-509.20DG10 (used here for horizontal motion) and L-511.60DG10 (for vertical motion) that are controlled by two separate mercury C-863 motor controllers via USB. I have two sample VIs from PI: the first one (Mercury_GCS_Sample_Application_1_with_Move) can be used to move the stages one at a time and the second (Mercury_GCS_Sample_Application_2a) reads and reports the position of the stages. I need help to edit them (any or both) so that they are able to trace a small rectangular pattern on my sample (please see picture2). The goal is that as the stages trace this pattern they will stop at say 4mm intervals for a set time period to allow that spot of the sample to be scanned before moving to the next step. I already got help with the camera VI that does the scanning a while ago but I paused with this to finish another project. Please HELP. Thank you.

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If anyone has experience using these instruments or has experience with creating tracing Vi's please help Petmar. 

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Thanks for showing concern. I'm hoping some of the expects here will help me out.

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In the Mercury_GCS_Sample_Application_1, inside the case structure, you can set the MOV subVI to move a specific amount of mm. Then you should be able to set a wait time in the General Wait subVI. Then you would sync the timing with the Mercury_GCS_Sample_Application_2a VI.

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Thank you very much. I'll look into it and get back to you.

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Hello WhiteA,


I got help from PI's resident LabVIEW expect yesterday. I'm now fixing a few bugs in the VI and will contact you when I need help. Thanks so much for your help.



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Hi, I'm also trying to control a PI device with LabVIEW, could please let me know how did you make it work? I'm very confused right now cause I can't find the driver for this manufacturer. 


Many thanks,


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