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How to stop a torque controlled motor with Softmotion


Hi everyone,

I am using CRIO-9049 and Yaskawa Sigma-7 motors and EtherCAT drives.

Now, I can set the motor in velocity mode and torque mode with property nodes, and the motors run well in both control modes.

But I can't stop the motors using Stop function. How should I achieve it?

By the way, if I want to stop the motors by deceleration, how can i load the rate of deceleration?


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I don't know whether Yaskawa motors support this, but in SoftMotion there is an option for specifying a behaviour once a software limit has been passed (for Kollmorgen motors). You can access this "Axis Configuration" window by right-klicking the axis in the project view and selecting "Properties".


Axis Properties.PNGSome motor drives also use a "Safe torque off" option, based on an external high/low digital line directly to the motor drive.

Anyway, be careful 🙂


Best regards


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