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How to stop a torque controlled motor with Softmotion


Hi everyone,

I am using CRIO-9049 and Yaskawa Sigma-7 motors and EtherCAT drives.

Now, I can set the motor in velocity mode and torque mode with property nodes, and the motors run well in both control modes.

But I can't stop the motors using Stop function. How should I achieve it?

By the way, if I want to stop the motors by deceleration, how can i load the rate of deceleration?


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Now I can stop the motor in torque control mode, just set the torque setpoint to zero, the motor will stop. But i can't decide the deceleration and acceleration rate. Does anyone get any ideas about this?

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You are correct: the SoftMotion Stop Move will have no effect when in Torque or Velocity mode on the drive, as that only impacts SoftMotion's position moves. Writing a "0" to the Velocity or Torque is the easiest way to stop it.


However, profiling is much different in Torque mode. If you look at the Profile Torque mode description in section 13.6.1 of the Yaskawa drive's manual (or any DS402 manual), you will see that the velocity and position control loops are not used when in torque mode. You can use object 0x6087 to define the torque slope (how fast it will ramp up or down), but there is no explicit way to control velocity or acceleration in torque mode.

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