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How to read out a RPM signal in labview using UMI 7764 and PCI 7330




I have a problem getting a encoder signal into a labview program. The encoder is connected to a UMI 7764 motion device. This device is connected to a PC trough a PCI 7330. I heard rumors that I can't have more than two axis on a PCI 7330. But can I have more than 2 encoders on it?


The big problem is that I am new to the motion system and I don't know where to begin.

I'm going to finish a uncompleted system, but when I look at the VI, I get nervous. So you are my last hope.

I have taken screen captures of the VI and uploaded it.

My task is to implement a new encoder signal to the already-made VI.

Question is:

How do I add and read out a RPM signal from a new encoder?



VI download:






Best regards

Henrik Myhre





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