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How to read out a RPM signal in labview using UMI 7764 and PCI 7330




I have a problem getting a encoder signal into a labview program. The encoder is connected to a UMI 7764 motion device. This device is connected to a PC trough a PCI 7330. I heard rumors that I can't have more than two axis on a PCI 7330. But can I have more than 2 encoders on it?


The big problem is that I am new to the motion system and I don't know where to begin.

I'm going to finish a uncompleted system, but when I look at the VI, I get nervous. So you are my last hope.

I have taken screen captures of the VI and uploaded it.

My task is to implement a new encoder signal to the already-made VI.

Question is:

How do I add and read out a RPM signal from a new encoder?



VI download:






Best regards

Henrik Myhre





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From your post it seems like you wants to read back the RPM value of a particular move based on your encoder. There actually is a specific VI that you can use that does exactly this. The Read Velocity in RPM.VI should output the RPM of the current move that you are doing.

In the code that you posted, it looks like you are performing a two axis move. Therefore you will need two instances of this VI, one for each axis. You should utilize these VIs within the while loop and after the move has been started that way the RPM values are continuously updated.

It also seems like you have inherited some code that looks very complicated. We would highly recommend that the you begins experimenting with basic motion to get familiar with it.



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