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How to control a Newport DC Servo Controller/driver Model CONEX-CC

Hello all,


I am fresh new to labview, but my prof wants me to write a LabVIEW code to control Newport DC Servo Controller/driver Model CONEX-CC, so that it can move in one direction periodically. Does anyone have an idea how I should start it? 

I have been watching a lot of labview tutorial videos but I still have no clue about how to start.

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Hi RunyuFly,


This device is fairly straightforward so you don't need much more than basic serial LabVIEW programming. These link will help you get started but there is plenty of information online and several examples native of LabVIEW (Help -> Find examples -> Serial)


Good luck with your project,


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I read the instruction but I am still confused. My actuator has USB connection to the computer, not serial port. And a link to my DC Servo controller is linked here:

Can we be detailed about how I should proceed in order to use labview to control it?




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Hi RunyuFly,


The USB is a serial protocol so it's possible to use the serial functions. There isn't much to more than using the commands (it seems that this device uses ASCII commands) to set the different modes available from this manual.


It seems though that you are lucky and Newport has its own driver for this device in LabVIEW. I am not sure if it's compatible with your device in specific so check that with Newport. You also need to program even if this is compatible, this kind of drive usually only are for the basic functions (connect, read, write, etc) so there is still coding behind


I am afraid that be detailed will be basically to create the code. I would suggest though to use a state machine. It's quite straightforward and it seems fitting to your application




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