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How to configure axes 5-8 on the PXI-7350?

How to configure axes 5-8 on the PXI-7350?

Hi there,


I'm trying to use a PXI-7350 to control a Stewart Platform using two UMI-7774 boards and LabVIEW's Vision & Motion tools. Everything works fine using axes 1-4, but I cannot figure out how to configure axes 5-8 for regular use and reading the documentation has been no help. When I try to make use of axes 5-8 in LabVIEW, I get an error -70006, indicating that the axis is improperly configured. This makes sense, because the axes do no show up in MAX.


The MAX documentation only explains how to add axes to a vector space, and axes 5-8 do not show up on the dropdown menu when I try this in any case. Can anyone explain how to enable these axes for motion control?


OS: Windows XP SP3

MAX version: 4.7.0f4

LabVIEW version: 2010

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Re: How to configure axes 5-8 on the PXI-7350?

Hi ifc,


Are you are using the PXI-7358? The 7350 refers to the family of controllers which can either drive 2,4,6 or 8 axes of motion. In MAX, under the "General Tab" of the motion card, how many axes of motion are listed? See the screenshot below. All 735x cards have enough ports to connect to 2 UMI boards, but the 2nd motion port is actually unused in the 7352 and 7354. Please see this document for an explanation.




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Re: How to configure axes 5-8 on the PXI-7350?

I generally have the MAX window maximized, so I never even noticed the tabs at the bottom of the page. Yes, it turns out we are using a 7354. Thanks for the help!

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