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How to choose connector and cable of NI PCI-7342

I want to buy NI PCI-7342 motion controller card of NI but i don't know How to choose connector and cable of NI PCI-7342. My objective is just control the servo motor. What 're connector and cable I need to buy together ?
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Unfortunately you did not specify what type of servo motor and servo motor driver you are going to use.

Since most servo motor drivers (amplifiers) have some kind of screw terminal blocks in most cases buying an additional UMI box would be a good choice. From this box you can connect the servo amplifier with standard cables with single strands without any special connector. To connect the UMI box to the 7342 you can use the standard cable with 68pin connectors.
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Hi bkk -

The choice of accessory equipment will depend on the drive and feedback method you plan to use.  If you would like to use an NI servomotor drive (the MID-7652 would be appropriate for your controller), the cable that will connect your controller and drive is the SHC68-C68-S.  If you plan to use a third-party motor drive, you'll need a breakout unit to make the appropriate connections with your controller.  The UMI-7772 is our two-axis breakout unit, and the same cable will connect to it.
David Staab, CLA
Staff Systems Engineer
National Instruments
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