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How is Baldor's drive (SD26M2A) connected to 7344?

I am using Baldor's drive (SD26M2A_TR). The digital I/O of the driver is 24VDC. How could it be connected to 7344, use UMI or SSR or level converter? The drive has enable input, forward input, reverse input and fault output. They are all 24VDC. Seems only voltage are not match with 7344. Functionality is ok for use. If use UMI, the inhabit output from UMI is 5V, so still need a level converter or voltage divider. Do I really need a UMI or a SSR is enough?
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There is a new UMI available that interfaces to 24V I/O. Please follow this link for more information about the UMI-7772 and UMI-7774〈=US

Jochen Klier
Applications Engineering Group Leader
National Instruments Germany GmbH
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