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How do I configure my Software limits to Kill a motor, rather than just halt the motion?

I am running on board programs. I have my software limits enabled. Occasionally, my program corrupts and I hit a software limit. The motion stops by halting the motors, but they are still on. As a result, the on board progam kicks in again, and the motors start back up again. Depending upon the program, this can lead to very dangerous results.
How can I set the software limits such that they kill the motors, rather than just halting them?
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You will need to poll the status of the software limits (using the Read Limit Status VI, limit type inptu set to software limits). Once the status is True, such that the software limit has been tripped, execute a Stop Motion VI, with the Stop type input set to Kill.

This example program uses these two VIs, but you will need to modify it for your own application in the way I mentioned above:
Finding the limits of a Motion System

Julie S
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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