Motion Control and Motor Drives

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How I can get the Mcode from MDrive 23 Stepper motor from Schneider.


I would like to get from a programmed Mdrive23 the inside program from customer; I mean the Mcode.


I've already installed the SEM SPI Inerface and the  Lexium MDrive Software Suite, drivers for the communication were installed as well (which were successfully, the port17 was detected). and I don't know what else to do to get the code from this Stepper motor. Could you help me please


When I open the Motion Control Interface appears 2 windows by deafault:


-Terminal1:: Group1


when I click for options on terminal1, and select open port, it shows an erro message "acces to the port "Com17" is denied


Please I'am new on motion control, I'll appreciate your comments



Best regards,


Oscar V.

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