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Hardware configuration


I need to actuate the solenoids using Micro-controller and also have to acquire the data of the actuations and other pressure sensors on the screen using NI card.


Can I connect the two?


If yes how to do it?

Kindly help.

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Hi Omkar,


Sounds like you could use a NI DAQ card to meet your needs.  You could use the digital output (DO) to control on/off of your solenoid, then use the analog input (AI) channels to acquire data from your pressure sensors.  I would recommend you check out the Multifunction DAQ forum, it has more information on NI's DAQ cards.



WPC Systems

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Hello Jason,


Thank you for your help.


I thought of using NI DAQ, but I have to use microcontroller and NI 9205 only. I can use LabVIEW to control MC, but can I connect or synchronize MC and NI 9205?


Please let me know. Thanks.

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