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Gain tuning panel not present on NI 9514 axis (EtherCAT)



I'm configuring a new axis with the NI 9514 servo drive interface (analog). The c-series module is mounted on an EtherCAT chassis 9144. Once I bound the axis to the module, I can access "Interactive Test Panel" and I can also access property to change the PID gain BUT "Gain Tuning panel" is now showing when right click on the axis.


If 9514 is mounted on a cRIO chassis, I can access that menu.


Is it a bug? why NI didn't add that option, is there work around or VI I can use to tune my motor.


Thank you.

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err: "Gain Tuning panel" is NOT showing when right click on the axis.


Thank you.

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What is your complete setup?



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Setup is a CVS 1458RT and a EtherCAT chassis 9144, the module 9514 is on the EtherCAT chassis.

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I just found an example, I will let you know if that work for a work-around :


\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2016\examples\motion\ConfigurationAPI\Custom Tuning


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This last example can be a work-around for previous version but unfortunately not for the version 2018. The function "write position setpoint" (no constraint profile) is not allowed in version 2018 using a NI 951x module which is not a good decision in my opinion.


This function is really useful for PID Tuning but even more important and useful for motion tracking.

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