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Feedback control system- Closed loop for voice coil actuator

I am working on a project to design and develop a closed-loop feedback control system using PID. 


Current device (no PID)

The device is a vibratory device made of a linear actuator that is connected to a function generator and amplifier. The Function generator generates the sinusoidal waveform, which is then amplified by the amplifier and then passed on to the voice coil actuator to vibrate at 0.2g -2g of acceleration. The vibrations from the device will then be detected by the accelerometer, which will pass the signal through NI BNC-2110 and displayed in real-time on the LabVIEW program created. 


System -1

Function Generator—>Amplifier—> Voice coil actuator



Voice coil actuator—>LabVIEW to display acceleration 



New device (with PID)



Function Generator—> Amplifier—> Voice coil actuator—>PID controller (closed loop)—> Back to function generator (closed loop)



Voice coil actuator—>LabVIEW to display acceleration


I need to know what specific devices need to purchased from National Instruments in order to build a closed-loop monitoring system which will help maintain the current flow into the voice coil at a fixed value. This will vibrate the device at specific acceleration even when the voltage supply suddenly increase or decrease, the PID will help balance the system.


I am willing to swap current parts of the system (e.g.- Function generator, amplifier) with labview supported parts

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Could you give me some more information about the timing of your application? If you have a very tight timing requirement a device running a RTOS would work best since it would be completely deterministic. If this is the case you should look into our CompactRIO systems.



Austin Stanton

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